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Delaware, USA – June 18, 2019 – One of the leaders of airplane parts manufacturing was informed to have shut down operations at its plants because of a large-scale ransomware attack. Asco Industries who is the leader in the design and manufacture of major functional components for Boeing and Airbus commercial passenger jets, Airbus A400M […]

Delaware, USA – April 9, 2019 – The largest optical products manufacturer Hoya Corporation suffered a cyber attack that infected more than 100 computers compromising users’ credentials and tried to take root for cryptocurrency mining, The Japan Times informs. The network controlling server was brought down on March 1 and the orders processing and production […]

Delaware, USA – April 8, 2019 – Another local infrastructure was hit by massive ransomware attack. Disruption of routine operations requiring a computer and inability to process payments is only the top of the iceberg of all the issues that Genesee County, Michigan faced trying to restore after the Packman ransomware attack, the abc12 informs. […]

Delaware, USA – April 5, 2019 – German chemical giant Bayer stood a cyber attack that was meant to steal the company’s sensitive data, Reuters informed. The malware that was further identified as typical of the Chinese Winnti group had infiltrated the system early last year and was closely monitored by Bayer’s Cyber Defence Center […]

About a week ago we got this info from one of our partners “We are seeing phishing emails flying in our environment (Internal to Internal)” along with sharing an email sample with us. Today we’re going to analyze the recent phishing attacks targeted at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies dubbed “Stealthphish” aimed at compromising […]

The research is based on OSINT evidence analysis, local evidence, feedback from attack victims and MITRE ATT&CK methodology used for actor attribution. SOC Prime would like to express gratitude to independent security researchers and specialized security companies who shared the reverse engineering reports and attack analysis on the public sources and their corporate blogs. On […]

It’s been a hot summer for security industry: in less than a week since the initially suspected ransomware Petya.A has turned out to be much more than meets the eye. Security researchers around the world have rightfully dubbed it NotPetya and EternalPetya, as the malware was never meant to ask for ransom – it was […]

Good news everyone! After a rather long day, night and morning of studying the news, researching and hunting the #WannaCry ransomwareworm there are some discoveries to be shared.. This includes Host and Network IOCs, their analysis obtained with help of fellow security researchers and practitioners, review of C2 infrastructure and its interactions with Tor. Last but not least are some free SIEM use cases that […]