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Sigma Rules Guide for ArcSight


Introduction to Sigma Sigma, created by Florian Roth and Thomas Patzke, is an open source project to create a generic signature format for SIEM systems. The common analogy is that Sigma is the log file equivalent of what Snort is to IDS and what YARA is for file based malware detection. However, unlike Snort and […]

A very common task for all ArcSight content developers is cleaning active lists on a scheduled basis or on-demand automatically. In the previous post I have described how to clear Active Lists on scheduled basis using trends:¬† Today I will show you another two ways how this can be achieved. Automatic clearing of Active Lists […]

Almost all of the ArcSight beginners face a situation when there are a high incoming EPS from the log sources, especially when it is critical to License limits or causes performance issues. To reduce incoming EPS, ArcSight has two native methods for event processing: Event Aggregation and Filtration. In this article, I will try to […]

In the previous article, we examined Additional Data fields and how to use them. But what if events do not have needed/required/necessary information even in Additional Data fields? You may always face the situation when events in ArcSight don’t contain all needed information for Analysts. E.g., user ID instead of username, host ID instead of […]

Additional Data in ArcSight ESM


Everyone who had ever installed a single ArcSight SmartConnector knows about ‘Device Event Mapping to ArcSight Fields’ chapter in the installation guide where you can find information on mapping of Device-Specific fields to ArcSight Event Scheme. It’s an essential chapter for Analysts, right? Certainly, you noticed that for some SmartConnectors there are ‘Additional Data’ fields. […]