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Delaware, USA – May 22, 2018 – Microsoft and Google experts discovered new variants of the Spectre attack on Intel, ARM and AMD and Power CPUs. The fourth variant of the attack was dubbed SpectreNG (CVE-2018-3639), and it can be performed remotely with the script files running within an application. The attack allows adversaries to […]

Delaware, USA – May 21, 2018 – Roaming Mantis banking trojan now contains 27 languages ​​for attacks on users from Europe and the Middle East. Also, attackers created a phishing page to attack owners of iOS devices. Experts from Kaspersky Lab published a study in which they examined all the changes in the trojan over […]

Delaware, USA – May 18, 2018 – This week, researchers from 360 Total Security discovered the campaign distributing new cryptocurrency mining malware. WinstarNssmMiner attacked more than 500,000 systems in three days. After getting into a system, malware scans it for specific antivirus tools installed, if any of them is detected, it quits automatically. If no […]

Delaware, USA – May 17, 2018 – A new version of Dharma ransomware was discovered on May 15 by researcher Michael Gillespie. The strain adds .bip extension to the files and generates two ransom notes. The appearance of new ransomware variant may indicate the preparation of the next malicious campaign. Dharma can be distributed both […]

Delaware, USA – May 16, 2018 – At the end of March researchers from ESET discovered a malicious PDF document that exploited two zero-day vulnerabilities: CVE-2018-4990 in Adobe Acrobat and Reader, and CVE-2018-8120 in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. This exploit chain leads to arbitrary code execution with high privileges on the attacked system. […]