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Delaware, USA – November 14, 2018 – For the second time in a month, Pakistan has attracted public attention due to cyber attacks. Earlier this month, Pakistani CERT reported that almost all banks in the country were affected by a data breach. This time, researchers uncovered Operation Shaheen, a complex cyber-espionage campaign targeted at the […]

Delaware, USA – November 13, 2018 — SOC Prime, Inc. announces a new partnership with VAE, Inc., a Value-Added Reseller that offers products from the best hardware and software vendors in the industry. Founded in 1998, VAE, Inc. has shaped the company to attract, inspire, and retain quality individuals, and has carefully assembled a team […]

Delaware, USA – November 12, 2018 — Adversaries improved one of the variants of Linux cryptocurrency-mining malware, and now it uses the rootkit to hide its activities. Trend Micro researchers discovered a new sample that uses a rootkit component to hide the malicious process’ presence from monitoring tools. This greatly complicates the determination of the […]

Delaware, USA – November 9, 2018 – A group of cybercriminals allegedly related to the Chinese government actively exploits an unauthenticated file upload vulnerability (CVE-2018-15961) in Adobe ColdFusion servers to install China Chopper backdoor. Researchers from Volexity spotted first attacks in the wild at the end of September, two weeks after the release of the […]

Delaware, USA – November 8, 2018 – The BCMPUPnP_Hunter botnet was first discovered two months ago, and currently it has more than 100,000 devices. Researchers from Netlab Qihoo 360 determined that the botnet operators exploit the old and well-known vulnerability in the Broadcom UPnP SDK software used in thousands of different manufacturers’ router models, which […]