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Delaware, USA – September 14, 2018 — Adversaries are constantly improving their techniques and tools to remain undetected by common security solutions. Researchers from Cylance published the blog post about a new tactic used by adversaries to bypass antiviruses and infect users with well-known malware. In the newly discovered sample, adversaries leverage SecureString for PowerShell […]

Delaware, USA – September 13, 2018 — At the end of August, SandboxEscaper revealed Task Scheduler ALPC exploit on GitHub, and just two days later, researchers from ESET discovered exploitation of this flaw in the wild. PowerPool hacker group conducts a cyber espionage campaign targeted at users in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, India […]

Delaware, USA – September 12, 2018 — Zerodium revealed via Twitter a severe vulnerability in Tor anonymous browser, which existed since May 2017 and affected version 7 of the browser. In fact, the vulnerability was found in the popular NoScript extension for Firefox designed to protect users against malicious scripts while surfing, and which is […]

Delaware, USA – September 11, 2018 — This Wednesday, Baltic Cyber Security Forum will be organized for the fifth time in the Baltic countries. The event will be held in Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania and its concept this year is – “IN THE SPOTLIGHT”. The forum aims to discuss critical issues of Cybersecurity; which direction the […]

Delaware, USA – September 7, 2018 — It was a very busy summer at the SOC Prime R&D and today you can finally try out the updated Threat Detection Marketplace to unlock the full potential of your SOC. The renewed platform provides real cross-platform experience and it is possible to focus on threat detection and […]