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Enable Real Time Decisions on Vulnerabilities, Risks and Remediation by Business stakeholders and SOC Managers

Explore and Understand Your Data

SOC Prime CyberView provides a simple interactive way of exploring and understanding the continuous data flow that accompanies Vulnerability Management Process, such as new vulnerability discovered and patches installed. With SOC Prime CV decisions on vulnerability risks and remediation can be understood and acted upon by Business stakeholders, IT and SOC managers to assure that Patch and Vulnerability Management process is continuously effective in your organization.

cyberview: Explore and Understand Your Data

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Spot Asset Changes in Real Time

Spot any Asset Changes in Real Time

“By combining the intelligence of the Qualys platform with ArcSight’s real-time correlation capabilities, we’re now able to continuously monitor and automatically detect any changes that require attention at and beyond our company’s premises,” said Maksym Iashchenko, head of the Information Technologies Infrastructure Security Unit ISS of JSC “UkrSibbank”, BNP Paribas group. “Powered by this live intelligence, we now receive valuable and prioritized information for our security team in real time. Before SOC Prime CV, it would have taken months of dedicated developer resources, Qualys experts and ArcSight seasoned professionals to get the same results.”


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A Common Ground for everyone to Manage the Cyber Domain

As we live in interconnected and Data-driven world the amount of information that needs to be processed by executives in any organization is immense already and keeps growing. SOC Prime CyberView leverages a Data-driven approach to make Cyber Security understandable and manageable for all stakeholders in a company including Business Executives, SOC Managers, IT and Security experts. SOC Prime CV provides an easy and understandable way to connect Processes, Procedures and People and eliminates the common gap between what is written on paper and the real picture of things.


ciberview dashboard

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Taking your Cyber Operations to the Next Level

SOC Prime platform is built to easily integrate with best in class Cyber Security technologies that your organization already has and instantly boost their value. CyberView is backed by industry leading QualysGuard Vulnerability & Compliance suite’s Data. It natively integrates with the best SIEM technologies including HPE ArcSight, Splunk and IBM QRadar. CyberView provides full cycle for managing your security information solving Data Acquisition, Data Quality and Exploration challenges. Find the answers to key security questions with a real time Trend Explorer, perform retrospective analysis and leverage actionable Real time alerts that are provided in CEF, LEEF or by email. The best part? It can be deployed < 15 minutes to full production.

Splunk Dashboard 1   ArcSight Dashboard

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Our Expertise Makes Customers Happy

SOC Prime provides Cyber Operations platform that empowers Enterprise, MSSP and Public organizations to proactively defend against ever-changing cyber threats. Backed by the team of cyber security professionals with combined experience of 120y+ in the industry and practical knowledge of implementing more than 50 SIEM & VM projects. SOC Prime is HPE Technical Alliance, IBM Security, Splunk and QualysGuard API Developer partner.

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