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Year: 2019

Continuous Compliance as a Code P1: Sigma


Compliance has always been a sort of Reactive process since standards are long, take tons of effort and a while to update, even more time to implement and the audit process happens once a year. Coming from the SIEM world I was dealing with Compliance through a prism of canned reports which usually return empty […]

Interview with Developer: Lee Archinal


We are starting a series of interviews with participants of the Developer Program ( to introduce you to these wonderful people who are searching the web for relevant threats and create unique content for their detection. Meet Lee Archinal! Hello Lee, hope you are inspired enough today to write a bit about yourself and your […]

Warming Up. Using ATT&CK for Self Advancement


Introduction Many blue teams are using MITRE ATT&CK for advancement in the maturity of their detection and response. Blue team’s arsenal of EDR tools, event logs, and triage tools are all opening up the story of what’s occurring on endpoints. However, anomalies are normal and these alerts and data sources need to be triaged to […]

Daily Challenges of CFO in Cyber Security Company


I have been working in the company since its founding in 2015, and during this time SOC Prime has evolved from a small startup into a rapidly growing international company. Our employees are also growing professionally to keep up with the pace of development. For each of us, working at SOC Prime brought forth unexpected […]

I think the most of security community has agreed that CVE-2019-0708 vulnerability is of critical priority to deal with. And while saying “patch your stuff!” feels like the first thing that one should think of, the memories of WannaCry and NotPetya are still fresh in my mind. We know that patching ain’t gonna happen at […]