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Year: 2015

SSL Monitoring for DevOPS & Cost Prediction!


Hello dear reader! Today we are going to talk about SSL and TLS, and vulnerabilities! It is not new that SSL is de-facto standard for mass-usage secure communications of our interconnected digital world. It is also not new that being one of the foundations of secure information exchange, the fact of implementing SSL/TLS and purchasing […]

Reducing the Breach Detection Time: Availability of the Log Data


Hello again! In previous article, we already established that many things might get out of hand when you are into building a virtual or a full-scale SOC, especially when it comes to operationalizing the SIEM as the core technology of any SOC. We have also established that automation is the way to go if one […]

An insight into the 1st year of SOC automation operations


It has been slightly more than a year that SOC Prime has been set on its current mission – to bring efficiency into most sophisticated Cyber Security technologies through automation, knowledge consolidation and fusion existing of market-leading technologies. Using the trendy phrases, we claimed that we would make “Cyber Security actionable” through automation of detection […]

Hello, today we will talk about detection methods for the new version of BlackEnergy (4.0?) using QualysGuard Policy Compliance module. According to the results of our research as well as some other reports that will be published later, we found some common signs of attack, known as IOC (Indicator Of Compromise) and we managed to […]

Hello again, as promised, today we bring up some more detailed information (Research Intel) of what we believe was Phase 1 of Fire Sale Cyber Attack that hit entire media industry in Ukraine during elections.

Hi! You may not know me, but to be brief let’s just mention I conduct cyber forensics, investigations and security awareness for living for 25+ years.  A few weeks ago I got called in to do some forensics analysis for a customer (they talked about some mystery around weird system actions and reactions).