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Month: December 2015

SSL Monitoring for DevOPS & Cost Prediction!


Hello dear reader! Today we are going to talk about SSL and TLS, and vulnerabilities! It is not new that SSL is de-facto standard for mass-usage secure communications of our interconnected digital world. It is also not new that being one of the foundations of secure information exchange, the fact of implementing SSL/TLS and purchasing […]

Reducing the Breach Detection Time: Availability of the Log Data


Hello again! In previous article, we already established that many things might get out of hand when you are into building a virtual or a full-scale SOC, especially when it comes to operationalizing the SIEM as the core technology of any SOC. We have also established that automation is the way to go if one […]

An insight into the 1st year of SOC automation operations


It has been slightly more than a year that SOC Prime has been set on its current mission – to bring efficiency into most sophisticated Cyber Security technologies through automation, knowledge consolidation and fusion existing of market-leading technologies. Using the trendy phrases, we claimed that we would make “Cyber Security actionable” through automation of detection […]