Banking Industry Leader

SOC Prime delivers Detection as Code operations to more than 5,000 organizations worldwide in various industries, including the financial sector. In 2020, SOC Prime started partnership with the industry-leading rural savings bank and credit union in Southern Europe. The dynamic threat landscape in the financial cyber threat arena drives financial organizations to invest in cyber defense and reinforce their detection and response capabilities.

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UKRSIBBANK was founded in 1990 and quickly evolved from a regional bank to a national market leader. In 2006, UKRSIBBANK started its strategic partnership with one of the world’s industry-leading banking groups, BNP Paribas, that has become the principal shareholder of UKRSIBBANK. BNP Paribas is a global leader of the financial market, one of the world’s largest financial groups being present in about 80 countries. The Bank’s integration with BNP Paribas Group has opened a set of new prospects, such...

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